Kid Of A Cop

The children of police officers bear the brunt of the job. The long hours, missed birthdays and holidays, the grief received from other kids who hear disdain toward the police from parents and friends and try to bully, shame, and embarrass the kid of a cop. Cops kids are tough; they handle it, realizing how big and important mom’s is to her job. What is much harder for our kids is fear of the unknown. Is daddy coming home in one piece? Will mommy get hurt? All too often, a father or mother fails to return home-ever or comes home broken.

The junior high daughter of a police officer wrote a poem to her father through the eyes of a kid of a cop. It reminds me of the tremendous sacrifice made by our police officers and their families.

Painted in Blue

Adorned with well earned gold trinkets, chest pushed out further than normal,

Not from pride, but from a protective layer of Kevlar lying beneath your uniform.

You carry a mind and body so bruised from the troubling visions of death and violence,

but you never let our naive minds comprehend the pain and suffering that you partake in for our well being.

So you arrive home with a smile strung across your gentle face and kiss for a freckled forehead,

One shaped just like your own and a kiss that makes me feel like I’m surrounded by layers of Kevlar.

You have made your love my bullet proof vest.

– Moochie

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