Election Time in Santa Cruz

The closer we get to the election, the more panicky partisan’s have become, pushing and shoving, screaming and demeaning one another, and being rude and uncivil. Santa Cruz is better than this.

If Fire and Police can get along-why not you?

Over the weekend, I received scores of emails asking how SCPD prepares for the election and potential civil unrest. Our department is prepared to ensure your right to vote and exercise your right to be heard through the first amendment. Protecting the Constitution is critically important to us. We are also prepared to protect lives and property.

The 2020 election cycle is an excellent time for each of us to practice civility, kindness, and respect for one another. We can respect one another even though the person next to you sees things very differently. Not speaking to family, friends, and fellow Americans does not make sense because, after this election, we will still be family, friends, and Americans. 

For the sake of transparency attached are our internal documents on election time policing, crowd management and a plea for civility.

“Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment. It’s a determined choice of trust over cynicism, of the community over chaos.” George W. Bush   

Offer a hand of civility!

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