Santa Cruz: Crime Statistics 2019

Santa Cruz Police Crime Stats for 2019

SANTA CRUZ, CA – The Santa Cruz Police release the 2019 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for the City of Santa Cruz. The end of year statistics reflects that overall crime has remained flat. The crime rate range is within expected average values based on FBI Part 1 reported offenses for the past five years.

The data shows there was a slight decrease in overall Part 1 crime.  Sexual assault, arson and auto theft showed substantially lower reported incidents this year, while robbery showed an increase.  All crime reporting results are within the acceptable range of standard deviation according to the UCR annual dashboard. Homicide is below the standard deviation range.

The Z-Score, or threshold analysis, measures the difference of a rolling five year average from current crime data. The further the number departs from zero indicates the amount the crime pattern has shifted in a positive or negative direction. When negative shifts occur, police managers examine why the deviation and adjust tactics to abate crime.

UCR data is collected nationwide to create uniform crime statistics. The Crime Rate Index* is a measurement based on an estimated 66,424 population in the City of Santa Cruz.  The per capita crime rate ensures data consistency.

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